Seed mats

Unique promotional item with high attention value. This wholly environmental product is formed from seeds which are gently held between two layers of biodegradable tissue plus a third layer of printed paper which carries your promotional message. The three layers are held together by compression making it unnecessary to use adhesives or other noxious substances in the manufacturing process. Seed mats can be produced as small as a business card, large enough to form a "carpet" and also die-cut to a shape of your choice.

And it is easy to use - take away the printed paper, put the mat on the ground in the garden, in a pot or in a box on the balcony, cover with 5 mm of soil and keep moist.

Printing in 1 or 4 colours. Min. qty 5.000 pcs. Large number of seeds varieties available.

The seed mats are of very light weight and require only little space. Ideal for

  • mailings
  • inserts in magazines and brochures
  • in-pack and on-pack promotions
  • give-away actions

For green promotions - easy and handy!